Gung Yoga Prawira is a multi-talented illustrator from Bali. His works have the weight of honesty, mixing anger with peace. His artistic imagination runs deep recurring motifs of skull that now becomes his identity. It was in the middle of a big racism issue when he decided to focus on drawing skulls. He was thinking about the anatomy of human…
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Collage Art : Nova Kusuma

To see something different from one thing that is already complete, is a pretty hard thing to do. To create something different from it needs a sharp eye, steady hand, creativity, imagination and an open mind. Nova Kusuma is a 22 year-old boy who has it all. He has been creating art since a very young age and began to…
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Pena Hitam Bali

Art is their common cause, but for, punk may have been their rebellious spirit. Formed on July 4th 2015, Pena Hitam Bali is one of the well-known art collectives on the island; a home and a playground for a few local visual artists. With the same passion on visual art, Pena Hitam Bali aims to explore ways to collaborate, encourage,…
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Kuncir Sathya Vikku

Born and raised in Bali, Kuncir Sathya Vikku or famously known as Kuncir was enchanted and surrounded by Balinese art. From the traditional dance, music like gamelan, and drawing, Kuncir has been learning and doing those things since his early age. One day he thought that he was not into art and decided to move forward to another thing in…
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Lidya Adventa – Female Tattoo Artist

Currently living in Bali, Lidya has been a female tattoo artist for years under the name, LADV Tattoos. She got her first understanding about tattoo back in the university when she interviewed an artist and thought that the job was actually a very nice – expressive thing to do. Lidya learned tattooing and began to fall in love deeper with…
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