Three Solo Exhibitions of Tonyraka Art Gallery

Established in 1968 by A.A Wirayuda, Tonyraka Art Gallery has been accumulating and selling its collections, which mostly are fine wood and carving artwork. Starting in 1997, his son A.A Bagus Tony Hartawan who took charge of the business has finally broaden the item range of the gallery including modern and contemporary artwork (paintings, sculptures and installations). Tonyraka Art Gallery…
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The Dynamic Heritage – Batuan Paintings at Griya Art Gallery

The Dynamic Heritage – Batuan Painting is the latest exhibition presented by Griya Art Gallery recently. The exhibition showcases the creative achievements of twelve Batuan painters from various generations, born in the 60s until 90s era. The painters in Batuan have developed a classic style of painting, which has become distinctly their own uniqueness. Since 1920s, supplemented with new materials,…
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Chaotic in Nature, An Art Exhibition by David Eagle

The Deus Gallery, Temple of Enthusiasm, Canggu recently celebrated the launch of its latest exhibition from Australian artist, David Eagles. Australia born artist, David Eagles is a figurative artist. It is not the human condition that he explores but the human experience. Through his fine art display, David’s creativity is fuelled by the chaotic nature of Indonesia’s cities, from street…
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Museum Pasifika at Nusa Dua

Originally conceived as 'Asia Pacific Art Centre', Museum Pasifika at Nusa Dua house an extensive collection of artworks gathered from all over Asia Pacific region. Having a purpose to showcase art diversity, the Museum which was established in August 2006, deliver its main mission to preserve the diverse and multifaceted traditions of Asia Pacific people, as well as to put…
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The launching of Dancing in Silver: The Jewellery of Runi Palar Book and an Exhibition of Her Latest Silver Works

Griya Art Gallery at Griya Santrian a Beach Resort and Spa was proud to host the launching of Dancing in Silver: The Jewellery of Runi Palar book and an exhibition of her latest silver works on December 29th. Officially sponsored by the Indonesian National Arts and Crafts Council, Dancing in Silver pays homage to Indonesia's first modern jewellery designer, Runi…
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